Marketing Discipline Constantly Changing Essay

Marketing Discipline Constantly Changing Essay

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The marketing discipline is moving at breakneck speed right now. New channels are added daily, new techniques are changing daily responsibilities, and new strategies are changing the way marketers think. With so many changes flying at the modern marketer
There is a continuous change in the marketing world. Daily new channels are getting added which makes the marketer to think in hundred different directions. There have been changes in the consumer’s tastes and the method of interaction over a period of time. But fortunately no matter how much the discipline changes, there is one thing that remains constant: the way the consumers think.
No matter how fast our society has been changing, but humans have always followed a consistent and even predictable pattern of behaviors throughout. The humans even do not realize but they tend to follow certain behaviors that are guided by a set of psychological principles that affect their behavior.
The amount of emphasis put on leads these days is also staggering. Sales is constantly demanding more, marketers are always trying new ways to find them, and a large part of marketing success is tied to the number of leads generated.
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This quest for more leads is what drives companies to implement exciting new technology like marketing automation: to capitalize on lead nurturing, streamline processes with lead scoring and grading, and utilize advanced reporting to perfect their marketing campaigns. There is however, another change marketers can make to generate results that isn’t tied to technology at all: understanding the psychology of conversions.
The decision making process follows a relatively predictable pattern, with triggers that influence and guide consumer behavior. Un...

... middle of paper ... can hire some celebrity for the promotion of the product if the company has the budget to do it. Otherwise the marketer himself can act as graet celebrity representing his company through the perfect time personality and intelligent & sensible talks.
Although there have been drastic change in the marketing discipline, but still the psychological drivers behind customer’s decision making style and thinking remains almost the same. Marketers normally don’t think in terms of psychology of a customer, these days’ marketers are busy creating their knowledge in terms of the latest technology, etc. but they forget to think in terms of the customer’s mind, his fascinating patterns and different type of behaviors to different situations. This White paper wil hopefully help the marketers to understand the psychology of the customers for better conversions of the sales.

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