Essay Marketing Differential ( Section 2 )

Essay Marketing Differential ( Section 2 )

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Product Differential (Section 2)

Promotional techniques (Section 5) – 700-900 words

Publics are audiences that are important to my organization the publics I need to cover in my public campaign include customers - existing and potential; employees and management; the student public; adult public, the couple public ,media, ;suppliers; these Publics will be targeted by public relations efforts.
These targeted publics are those publics whose involvement is necessary for achieving my organization goals this due to the fact my event success depends on its reputation if it’s good feedback or bad. It depends on the publics for survival .
Customers, suppliers, employees, investors, journalists and regulators can have a powerful impact. They all have an opinion about the organizations they come into contact with which make the image of the event
(PR) techniques allow me or other companies to communicate with a large target market, there are many different types of promotional techniques used to gain publicity form the media and interact with the target audience Promotional techniques can be direct (personal) and indirect (non-personal).
In order to promote my event at The National Sea Life Centre, I will be using a series of different public relation PR techniques. In PR promotion at the Sea Life Centre the publics will look for a strong intention of trying to build goodwill among my customer, supplier, which in turn will create and reinforce my brand and professional corporate image creating a good perceptions of my event and services.
There are some public relations techniques that I could employ to promote my venue such as topic discussions in areas that my business has knowledge of providing the media with opini...

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Crisis Management
Many companies would prefer not to have to talk to customers about how they would manage a crisis but open channels of communication enhance company’s image in good times as well as bad.
A crisis which has been well handled or planed for can build well earned respect, as well as trust of the customer, by publicly making aware of the risk of my product will strengthen the trust between customer and company and will in turn buffer the surprise of accidents due to the fact the customer was aware of the risks.
We can anticipate crises to better prevent their occurrence by doing so the customer will know they are in safe hand due to the fact my company has a backup plan. For example when the Sea Life Centre in Huston flooded there where no casualties due to the fact there was a flood gates in place and drill to deal with the situation.


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