Marketing, Consumer Behavior, And Effectiveness Of Marketing Essay

Marketing, Consumer Behavior, And Effectiveness Of Marketing Essay

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Effective marketing has been an essential aspect of business tactics. The appropriate methods of marketing, consumer behavior, and effectiveness of marketing were all involved in business policies. Growth and the ability to with stand fluctuating economies were critical elements of business planning as well. This chapter will discuss the history of business marketing, the methods of business marketing, consumer behaviors, and the effectiveness of business marketing to stimulate progression.
History of Marketing
The title of the article was Origins of marketing thought in Britain by Brian Jones and Mark Tadajewski. This article was published in the European Journal of Marketing, volume 49, issue 7/8 on pages 1016-1039 in 2015. The article was found in the EBSCO host database. (Jones, 2015)
This article attempted to explore two different objectives. The first purpose was to verify the initial research and principles of advertising at a university in Britain’s first known business curriculum. The second purpose was to delve into what definite impacts were mutually experienced among the forerunners of marketing education in Britain and America during the early 1900’s. (Jones, 2015)
The article found early research and education of business marketing in 1902 typically studied business finances. This marketing concept ruled the thoughts of business educators on either side of the Atlantic. (Jones, 2015)
This articles’ title was Evolution of Marketing as a Discipline: What has happened and what to Look Out for by V. Kumar. The article was published in the Journal of Marketing, volume 79, issue 1 in January 2015. The article was found in the EBSCO host database. (Kumar, 2015)
The progression of marketing as a field was the purpose...

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...usinesses and the value of marketing has been radically impacted by a business’s financial performance. (Movando, 1999)
Organizational effectiveness will result from several occurrences in the business sector. As the articles above have confirmed; an efficient strategy is the foundation for effective marketing in business. To ensure that businesses will develop and progress into longevity; planning will be required. The knowledge of history will show business owners and operators were marketing started. This will allow businesses to understand the direction in which it could proceed. Comprehending the methods by which marketing could be handled and how consumers view businesses are valued skill sets in the business environment. The awareness and execution of effective marketing will complete the strategical plan toward advancement and endurance in business.

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