The Marketing Communications ( Mass And Personal ) Essay

The Marketing Communications ( Mass And Personal ) Essay

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4. Identify the key marketing communications (mass and personal).
Red Bull is the highest selling brand making it a marketing leader with over 40% of the market share. Red Bull uses every means of marketing to reach their target groups. Their marketing is mainly based on the “3 pillars of Red Bull; Sampling, Advertising, And Sponsoring”. This means that next to normal advertisements, they drive around in Red Bull –modified cars handing out cans of red bull and sponsor big extreme sports events and competitions. In this way Red Bull is not just promoting their energy drink but is also selling a lifestyle, seemingly people are willing to be a part of this Red Bull extreme sports lifestyle.
The Red Bull consumers can be divided into three segments: athletes, clubbers and workers. Each of these using the Red Bull energy drinks to meet their personal needs. Whether these are obtaining physical edges, mental edges or just consumption for pleasure. Within the energy drinks market Red Bull is the industry leader throughout the world. A lot of promotions and well targeted campaigns and sponsorship. Formula 1 helps to expand Red bull brand and increase consumer brand awareness. However, Red Bull does not sell energy drinks it sells a lifestyle. Red Bulls content marketing is creative though videos, articles, and most famously though their events and extreme athletes. The Values that Red Bull distributes are relevant and consistent in attracting and retaining they’re defined target market. Red Bull market its products to everyone clearly though their marketing they want to attact every type of customer. Hoever their best target market is millennials. Red Bull also sells the same lifestyle to its employees and the culture has produced ...

... middle of paper ... that level of energy. It would allow Red Bull to reach to an even larger part of the market.
Red Bull engages in a variety of marketing programs, including traditional television, print and radio advertising, event marketing in sports and entertainment, sampling, and point of purchase promotion. The bulk of Red Bull’s marketing activity was directed toward encouraging product trials and from the exsperience of product trials using word of mouth to continue marketing the brand. According to Kraihamer, “we do not market the product to the consumer, we let the consumer discover the product first and then the brand with all its image components,”
Red Bull Non-specific advertising captivated a non-descript audience, at the same time as sponsoring extreme sports and events proved effective in not only advertising the drink, but also making it become a "way of life".

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