Marketing Communications And What Types Of Promotional Tools Essay

Marketing Communications And What Types Of Promotional Tools Essay

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What are marketing communications and what types of promotional tools are considered effective in today’s marketing environment?

Marketing communications is the process whereby the business conveys their business ethos the public through a range of different methods and media’s. Promotional tools such as advertising, personal selling and public relations are all part of the promotional mix which enables a business to communicate with their customers. Mercer (1996) says that “The ideal form of promotion is the conversation which takes places between the expert sales professional and his or her customer. It is interactive and conversation is specific to the needs of both.” According to Rowley (1998) “Promotion is used to communicate with customers with respect to product offerings.” She continues by explaining some of the promotional tools that can be used in marketing communications “Promotion has a key role in determining profitability and market success and is one of the key “Four Ps” of the marketing mix. The tools that can be employed in the promotional mix include: advertising; direct marketing; sales promotion; public relations and publicity; personal selling and sponsorship.” (Rowley 1998) The following with asses how effective sponsorships, personal selling agents and how public relations contribute to the promotional mix.
D.Jobber (2004) defines sponsorship as a “business relationship between a provider of funds, resources or services and an individual, event or organization which offers in return some rights and association that may be used for commercial advantage” Sponsorship features in many different markets however it is most popular in sports, music events and in the high fashion industry. MasterCard and O2 are e...

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...ommunication instruments it’s up to business to choose the appropriate tool to achieve their intended goals. SMART goals can be used to find the promotional tool that could be most useful to getting closer to these goals in terms of measurability of effectiveness and if they are realistic. Sponsorship once was traditionally used in sport however sponsorship has been moving into high street fashion in an attempt to show value to the customer. Public relations has been a very important in the retail in the last months to damped rumours of financial troubles. Personal selling will always be a useful tool in a range of retail environments however business will have to way up the benefits against the disadvantages. All of the promotion and communication tools can be effective in today’s marketing environment, its just up to the business to pick the correct tool for them.

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