Marketing Communication And Development Of Brand Awareness Essay

Marketing Communication And Development Of Brand Awareness Essay

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Marketing communication assists in the development of brand awareness. This implies that customers will interpret product’s information into how they perceive that product that will subsequently affect a product’s position in the market. Furthermore, marketing communication is used as a means of maintaining existing customers, as well as built strong relationship with all the market stake holders. There are several marketing communication strategies, and the challenge to businesses if finding the right one to use. Choosing the most appropriate marketing communication strategy may ensure a product’s success in the market. More often than not, business will require using more than one strategy to effectively disseminate the massage the company is trying to send. Below is an example of the best strategies for different businesses.
For companies that provides cellular phone services, the most appropriate marketing communication strategies would be media advertising, improved customer relation management. Media advertising will make the general public to be aware of the services the business is providing and the actual location(s) of the business. Meanwhile, any service business requires the business to have a close relationship with the business; hence having a staff well trained on customer relation matters will improve the experience of the business clients.
A hotel on the other hand, can combine the use of sales promotion and media advertisement. In terms of promotion a hotel may engage in trade shows, which will allow consumers to sample their products. Advertising will create awareness that the hotel exists and what type of services and food they offer.
Additionally, a university can use marketing communication strategies to incr...

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...g suspense over the launch and engaging social through bloggers and influencers.
First, I would advice the new soft drink business to do a press release on an upcoming launch of their product; through press release distributors since their social media platform will ensure that the message receives maximum exposure. Bloggers will then identify it and spread it to potential consumers who are increasingly using alerts to track trending subjects. Secondly, I would advice the new soft drink business to identify a group of influential people who will help in spreading the buzz about the event. Through twitter the news is capable of spreading like wild fire through tweets and retweets. These buzz and social media tactics will help the new soft drink business build brand authority and visibility; moreover, it will help the business gain insight of their target customers.

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