Marketing Automation Of The Online Marketing World : Automation Essay

Marketing Automation Of The Online Marketing World : Automation Essay

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It’s one of the hottest buzzwords in the online marketing world: Automation!

Marketing automation sounds ideal. The term itself leads you to believe that you can set up a system and then sit back and relax while leads pour onto the desks of your sales team.

But what does reality look like? Could it really be that easy?

If your company is considering an investment in this effective online strategy, there are a few marketing automation requirements you must know before you spend your hard earned cash.

1. Choose a Solid Partner
There isn’t a shortage of marketing automation vendors in the market. You have your pick of companies that perform a full spectrum of services. From automated social media posts (think: Hootsuite) to automated sales funnels (think: Infusionsoft) you have a big decision ahead of you.

The first thing you must do when investing in marketing automation is find the right partner.

There are a few things to consider when narrowing the pool of potential candidates:

What are your end goals?
What type of messaging does your audience need to get to the next step in...

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