Marketing Assignment: Charles & Keith Footwear Essay

Marketing Assignment: Charles & Keith Footwear Essay

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Charles & Keith, a well-recognized women’s footwear brand was established in 1996 in Singapore Amara shopping centre by the two young brothers, Charles Wong and Keith Wong. The company began its foreign market venture in 2000. To date, Charles and Keith has a presence in more than 20 major cities around the world. The brand are well-known internationally today with the vision “to be the most admired fashion-forward company” and the mission “to offer high quality products and services, with a commitment to perfection” in mind all the time (Charles & Keith, 2013).

According to Blythe (2012), marketing is a management process which identifies and fulfils customers’ needs and at the same time, makes profit. By having appropriate marketing concepts, Charles and Keith manages to develop within few years from an unnoticeable small shoe store to an international footwear brand which occupies a significant place in the industry.
2.1 Product
From selling purely ladies’ footwear, Charles and Keith expanded their range of products to include ladies’ bags and accessories in order to cater different demands of the customers. Charles and Keith owns a team of designers that come out with new products regularly and the company has their own R&D team frequently travels to fashion cities to get in touch with the latest design and trend (Singapore Press Holdings, 2009).

2.2 Price
Charles and Keith uses synthetic materials and polyurethane to ensure affordable prices of their products (Singapore Press Holding, 2009). However, the qualities of the products are not compromised despite its inexpensive prices. The managing director Charles Wong reassured the customers that although the ...

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...enture into overseas market comes with expectations as well as uncertainties due to unfamiliarity. Charles and Keith, the fashion retailer, has to understand clearly that what appeals in one market might not be accepted in the others and this is almost the same for all industries. Thus, a thorough research on cultural background has to be done before entering an unfamiliar ground.

In conclusion, Charles and Keith is not just about trend but also making fashion affordable and accessible for most of the people. The success of the company benefited from the government’s policies and the stable economic growth of the country. However, the weaknesses and threats should not be neglected in order to obtain a bigger share in the market. The success of the business in its own country has increased and ensured its competitiveness in the international scene.

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