Essay about Marketing And Sales Ethics Of Advertising

Essay about Marketing And Sales Ethics Of Advertising

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Marketing and Sales Ethics
There are many social aspects that come into consideration when one thinks of an advertisement. Some of these social aspects are: does advertising educate the consumer, does advertising improve the standard of living, and does advertising have a powerful effect on the mass media. These three social aspects will be researched in depth to discover the pros and cons of each, and any ethical implications. Social aspects and ethical considerations need to be considered when developing and executing a sales and marketing plan.
Advertising Educates Consumers
Many consumers and experts have mixed feelings on what the true effects are of an advertisement on the population. Real questions that many experts have are, "does advertising provide valuable information to consumers, or does it seek only to confuse or entice them" (O 'Guinn, Allen, & Semenik, 2015, p. 79). Both of these questions are very understandable to have as advertisements are viewed from a different perspective from consumer to consumer, and expert to expert. For instance, the Quicken Loans commercial shows how you can receive money fast when in a pinch. From one perspective one can view this advertisement as trying to persuade a person who is running low on cash currently to go Quicken Loans and satisfy that need to have more cash. On the other hand, the Quicken Loans commercial can be looked at as purely just educating the consumer where they can go if they ever have a need to obtain money when in a bind. Both have very strong stances on this advertisement, and neither is right or wrong as both persuasion and informing are in play.
Because of the above example and the multitude of advertisements out there, it is important to create a pros and...

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...nd said product at said store, and that it will perform as said. Other cons about advertisements that dispute the fact that advertisements educate the consumer are that advertisements are not purely filled with facts on the product or service it is displaying. Critics believe that advertisements carry what is to be hollow ad-speak. "Ads are rhetorical; there is no pure 'information '. All information in an ad is biased, limited, and inherently deceptive" (O 'Guinn, Allen, & Semenik, 2015, p. 79). One last con would be that advertising has became overwhelming and very intrusive. The consumer can not get away from advertisements, and therefore, become very intrusive. Since there is so many advertisements out there coming from multiple different directions, these advertisements become cluttered and just frustrate the consumer (O 'Guinn, Allen, & Semenik, 2015, p. 80).

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