Marketing And Outreach Analyst On A Mobile App Development Startup Company

Marketing And Outreach Analyst On A Mobile App Development Startup Company

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My name is Yang Chen, a senior student in University of California, San Diego. I major in Economics, and I’m currently doing an internship as a marketing and outreach analyst in a mobile app development startup company called Whova Inc. Whova is formed by a group of young, struggling, passionate and hardworking people. We have several different departments, such as engineer team, marketing team and customer support team, etc. Every team is independent working but cooperate closely. What everyone mainly doing every day is all about the event app we developed called the same name of the company. Whova app can be operated on both iOS and Android systems, it is designed for event purpose and mainly used between organizers and attendees. Now we are in age of mobile network, and many people believe that mobile technology will lead us to the future of networking. Mobile technological solutions bring people a lot of benefits, in the app we developed, it mainly shows in several aspects, such as saving, profession and effectiveness. Almost every single person now has a mobile phone, it helps to save many costs that are not necessary. For example, using our event app could help users to save amount of costs that could be a huge number. “Mobile event app solutions save printing costs by up to 60%. The all-in-one Whova mobile app includes multi-day/track agenda, personalized schedule, offline browsing, logistics and more. Whova also makes instantaneous updating hassle free.” ( Saving printing costs means we are going to use less paper than before, and this will lead us to a less lumbering which also helps our eco-system. We can see now when people take planes, more people start to use electronic tickets that are shown on their m...

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...rm ahead of its rivals as it will have a wide range of new and existing ideas which will make the product to be very attractive and reliable(Fitzpatrick 1).

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