Marketing Analysis : The Furniture Company Somerset 's Global Supply Chain

Marketing Analysis : The Furniture Company Somerset 's Global Supply Chain

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The furniture company Somerset needs to retain its customer service record and remedy any of its global supply chain issues before it has an adverse effect on the brand and start losing customers. With a frequent change in the product catalog, keeping an excessive inventory will cut its profit and some of the product may become obsolete even before the furniture hits the retail outlet stores. In order to achieve profit and success, business employee many strategies and the supply chain strategy are one of the operational management techniques that use analytical decision making process to achieve the company goals and provide tools to effectively compete in the market (Taylor and Russell, 2014).
The first step towards the Somerset 's global supply case study is to access the current supply chain strategy and make improvements to meet the target performance. The improvement will focus on product delivery lead time, reducing the supply chain variability to address customer service, and reduced any needed inventory and finally the quality problem. Use the available technology, automation tools and consulting services from international logistic experts to improve supply chain delivery and delivery quality products and services to its customers. Also explore any other potential alternative location closer to U.S to cut the overall product cycle to keep is innovation.
Improved supply chain logistics will make Somerset one of the top manufacturer and introducing new products, boosts it delivery time, low supply variability, quality and deliver higher customer satisfaction.
The purpose of the document is to assess Somerset 's existing supply chain management and propose improvement in the supply chain using technology, trade sp...

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...ot delivering product on time due to the foreign country political climate, change in tax and tariff and local economy.

Initially the Somerset furniture company established China as a manufacturing hub with low risk assessment. Based on the given details, the existing supply chain events are assessed and listed in the below table. A key factor noted during assessment is that the existing supply chain process is totally a manual process, despite internet and mobile based transaction is choice of electronic commerce that adds speed and quality. The Somerset closed all of its production processes in the U.S and transports all of its manufactured furniture from China to U.S passing through international shipping and logistics which involves many administrative steps. The manual process contributing increased duration of the total production cycle and delivery time.

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