Marketing Analysis : Supply Chain Management Essay

Marketing Analysis : Supply Chain Management Essay

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1.1 Background of the Study
Today’s organizations are faced with increasing levels of global competition, customer’s demanding value for their money and high stakeholders expectations on investment returns. Gattorna (2003), notes that firms are now pursuing supply chain management as a strategy to competitive advantage. Firms in a supply chain relate, transact, and partner on different levels; from product design and development to product delivery. Through supply chain management a firm pursues value creation through timely product delivery, cost management, inventory control and customer service (Beamon, 1999).They do so individually or through synergies formed with other organizations to increase customer service and revenues. By understanding supply chain capabilities, firms are able to exploit supply chain operational efficiency and maintain a competitive advantage ( Gattorna, 2003).

Beamon et al. (1998) observe that the ever changing business dynamics have influenced the operations and objectives of supply chain systems by increasing focus on inbound activities like customer service levels, shorter cycle times, increased product quality and services, low costs, coordinated movement and flexibility of product to meet customer expectations. Organizations pursue operational excellence through collaborative efforts and synergy sharing with fellow supply chain members (Hoek, 1998).

Inbound logistics form an integral part of a supply chain management. According to Mentzer (2001), several organizations have made supply chain management a key competency, particularly inbound logistics to support company operations. This is because its impact on services and products delivery to end consumer. Through sup...

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...formance measures. SCOR looks into cost, time, quality and flexibility.

Huan (2004) notes that these measures will be arrived through auditing organizational supply chain processes such as: product delivery, perfect order fulfilment, lead time, supply chain responsiveness, production flexibility, total logistic management cost , cash to cash cycle time, inventory days of supply and asset turns. By evaluating these metrics, supply chain performance measures can therefore be narrowed to cost, speed, reliability and customer satisfaction perspectives (Beamon, 1999).Good performance measures will consequently drive innovation and continued improvement by creating environment where organizations seek alternatives and new approaches to solving supply chain challenges. Ultimately these performance measures will help firms assess their competitive position and work towards

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