Marketing Analysis : Selling A Car Essay

Marketing Analysis : Selling A Car Essay

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Selling a car is very different that most things in life there is now way to train for it, sure there is books that will say how the author best did and list of closes. The only way someone learns how to sell a car is by selling an actual car, like anything is simply by doing. Being a car salesman is very different than most careers, because salesmen could have a day even a week a single customer does not come in the door. This poses a problem for salesmen, that are paid on how many cars they sell and the gross on each deal. A week a salesman does not sell a car is a week a salesman does not make any money. Without thinking about salesmen use psychology.
The Buyers Side
It is important to understand both sides; the purchaser needs to understand that the seller wants to make as much money as possible, and the seller needs to understand the situation form the buyers perspective they want to spend as little as possible. There is already a problem, because both sides are working towards a different goal in the car deal.
When a person is going to buy a car, they have to think about what is most important to them in a car; style, speed, seating, towing capacity, fuel economy, even the brand can play roll in this decision. A customer that tows a large boat on the weekends or has farm equipment hooked to the vehicle everyday moving it from field to field. Would not be able to buy a small electric car. This customer would have to buy a large heavy-duty truck to meet his towing needs. Another example, if a mother of five young children needs to buy a car, she would need a vehicle with at least 6 seats possibly a mini van or sport utility vehicle of some sort. A two-seated sports car would not fit her needs of fitting all of all her chi...

... middle of paper ... and at this point the car is theirs.
Weather salesmen like to think psychology plays a big roll in their job or not it truly does. Same for customer both parties have know how to work together to agree on a deal that is right. Most salesmen are trained in sales tactics such as; how to work with people and how to close a deal. On the other hand the customer is not trained at all on how to buy a car. To work in all fields of selling one must have an understanding of people, the human mind, and how decisions are made. The definition of psychology is the science of behavior and mental process. Both seem to go hand in hand, salesmen that have good understanding of psychology will be successful salesmen. Psychology plays a role in every aspect of life weather it thought about or not, to go to class or lay in bed all day, to go the gym or out to dinner with friends.

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