Marketing Analysis : Samsung Electronics Essay

Marketing Analysis : Samsung Electronics Essay

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Samsung is an innovative company that focus highly on quality and specialised products, they became an electronics company in 1969 and they released their very first mobile phone in 1988. In 2006, they became the global leading brand within the television market and in 2011, they became the latest smart phone provider in the world and their successful innovation is furthermore expanding. Today Samsung Electronics has proven to be one of the most successful global brands to follow.
Total Quality Management is a management philosophy driven by customer needs and expectations. TQM focuses on quality and builds a management method based on full employee involvement. Its aim is to achieve long-term successful management through long-term customer satisfaction, organisational members and society 's interests. “In order to be able to conduct market research, design, manufacture and after-sales service at the most economical level and taking into full account of customers ' requirements, the development of quality, quality maintenance and quality improvement of various departments within the enterprise are One of an effective system.” Feigenbaum said. TQM techniques such as Six Sigma may improve productivity and quality in the supply chain, as they employ scientific approaches based on numerical data. “Samsung Electronics Co. (SEC) of Seoul, Korea, is perfecting its fundamental approach to product, process and personnel development by using Six Sigma as a tool for innovation, efficiency and quality the company has used tools and techniques such as total quality control, total process management, product data management, enterprise resource management, supply chain management and customer relationship management.”according to the articl...

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...ts over Samsung 's competitors.
In conclusion, through this report it is clear that Samsung is successful in using g the 4 total quality management factors. The 4 main total quality management factors that Samsung has positively achieved include Samsung’s continuous improvement of their product and service, satisfactory employee involvement, Samsung’s use of the customer-centric concept ensuring customer satisfaction and also the lowering of costs in order to offer cheaper and fair prices to consumers and to earn the maximum profits. In order for Samsung to improve their overall profitability and efficiency they must continue to implement further training programs and customer based feedback services in order to manage their overall quality of products and services and further their ability to provide services above and beyond the quality of competitors.

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