Marketing Analysis : R & D For Developing Technology And Attributes Essay

Marketing Analysis : R & D For Developing Technology And Attributes Essay

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1. As a team member of company B industry 2, I took care of R&D for developing technology and attributes. First, I started with gathering information from simulation resources with an industry view, decisions, vehicle class, and segment descriptions (see Boffo, Beaut, Buzzy’s attributes figure 1). Second, I compared our cars’ attributes and competitors’. Third, I used information from consumer market segments (see figure 2) to find out what target customer needs. Fourth, I read industry news such as GDP to see whether customers had the power to buy a car or not. If GDP increased, it would be a good sign to develop our product to attract them. And the fifth, I also checkred our company financing (see figure 3). We started with 2 billion in period one and we had 15 billion in cash flow in period 6. Our company had plenty of cash flow so we did not have any problem with investments.
My best decision was to keep developing company technology capabilities and product attributes. Even we had the highest technology capabilities and car’s attributes at the period# 0 (see figure 4 and 5). If we do not keep developing our company and products, while other companies do, we may die out from the market sooner or later. Refer to week 5 and 6 decision, our three classes cars’ attributes were higher than any other competitor’s (see figure 6). However, I still convinced other team members to increase minor changes for all three classes of our car. It paid off because our market share increased. Boffo unit share increased from 3.0% to 4.3%, Beaut unit share increase from 3.3% to 3.9% and Buzzy unit share increased from 2.5% to 3.5% in period 6 (see figure 7.). Since we developed cars attribute so we could increase MSRP and contribution margin. W...

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...eaways are setting goals then make a plan or strategy and
working in a diverse group (people with different background and culture).
Setting goal then make a plan: Our goals gave us the direction where should we go, and a plan helped us make sure our goal would be achieved. We set a goal to produce luxury car then I increased cars attributes. If not, I would never know what to do each period and we would never be successful.

Working in a diverse group: I earned experience to work in a diverse environment. As our group consisted of the member from accounting, marketing and supply chain concentration. They had different points of view, characteristics, working styles. For example, it was hard to get one more chance for someone who made a mistake in a certain culture. In the future, I can handle and be aware how to adapt and work abroad or in international business.

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