Marketing Analysis : Programmatic Marketing Essay

Marketing Analysis : Programmatic Marketing Essay

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Programmatic Marketing is a growing discipline becoming popular in the Marketing community at an exponential rate. In, 2014, $10.06 billion dollars were spent programmatically and is increasing by 30% yearly according to the review by Boston consulting group. It is expected to reach $30 billion by 2019. With technology innovation at its peak, Programmatic is outgrowing the traditional marketing. With ads being placed for online display, mobile and video campaigns, Programmatic is making its way into TV and Social media too.
With billions of targeting combinations to choose from, it is almost impossible to carry out advertising as a niche endeavor. Most of the placement of advertisements depends on Marketer’s intuition instead of being data driven. If the ads make their way to the potential customers, then the money spent on advertising goes to waste. This is where Programmatic comes in to bridge the gap between a company and its customers. Blending machine learning and marketer’s insights, it has the capability to reach the right audience and increase the rate of conversion of potential customers into real ones.
In Traditional Marketing, advertisers or marketing agencies buy a certain amount of ads for an agreed upon price directly from the publisher. The publisher himself delivers these impressions. This comes under direct sales and includes Print, Broadcast, Direct mail and Telemarketing.
Programmatic Advertising uses Artificial Intelligence to automate this buying and selling of ads. This type of Marketing model is entirely automated with the buyer not having any contact with the seller, or automating the process after they have come to terms. Though the former part ...

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...ught (with insights from marketers) to identify these frauds and avoid them automatically.
With the introduction of Big Data, the potential for Programmatic has proliferated beyond normality. User data is collected continuously and the automation process uses this data to optimize ads as much as it can. This enhances the value and performance of the ad and the advertising market too.
As mentioned earlier, all the data collected is analyzed to provide an intelligent way to connecting with consumers. The programmatic marketing platform identifies online consumers by Demographics, Geography, interests, behavior, time of day, weather and device. Consider selling surfboards. For optimum performance of advertising, Programmatic all the users living by the beach, narrows the users that would be interested by analyzing the previously collected data.

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