Marketing Analysis : Nike, Inc. And Reebok International Essay

Marketing Analysis : Nike, Inc. And Reebok International Essay

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Marketing conducted in this day and age is an ever evolving process. The marketing process can be dictated by current trends, economic and societal changes, as well as technological advances. Evolution in technology and the social media phenomenon for how people communicate and interact with one another have contributed significantly to the manner in which business research is conducted. Research studies have shown that it goes beyond just traditional promotional marketing to connect with consumers. Marketing has to attract consumers on a socially responsible level. Today’s consumers want to know that the business or brand being marketed towards them supports an important cause. This requirement has become a focus within management at both Nike, Inc. and Reebok International, innovative leaders in athletic merchandise. Both companies were able to recognize specific problems associated with current promotional marketing and because of such they developed a research process centered on conjoint analysis to determine how and with whom to establish affinity marketing partnerships.
Nike, Inc. and Reebok International have been leading the way in design development, worldwide marketing, and sales of footwear, apparel, and athletic equipment for nearly half a century. The companies have grown to a magnitude that is disproportionate amongst most of the industries competitors. There are many factors that have contributed to Nike’s and Reebok’s success but none more than the effective management practices of recognizing issues and implementing valuable business research techniques. Both companies can attribute their leverage and knack of staying ahead of the curve because of their ability to develop strategic research designs and produ...

... middle of paper ... Nike collaborating with the Lance Armstrong Foundation, Live Strong, and Reebok with David Harris of the New York Jets and Give the Kids Hope Foundation.
The way businesses market their brand and products will consistently have to adapt with the progression and ever changing world. Changes in trends, world economies, society, and technology are a constant variable in the purpose of business research. Managers have to be effective in their research designs and understanding of critical steps within the process. Nike, Inc. and Reebok International’s management are a testament to this and because of their well-organized research techniques they were able to move away from stagnant traditional marketing efforts and develop affinity marketing campaigns that will contribute to a win-win-win, effect for the businesses, nonprofit organizations, and consumers.

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