Marketing Analysis : Inbound Marketing Essay

Marketing Analysis : Inbound Marketing Essay

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Inbound marketing is a relatively new concept when compared to its counterpart, outbound marketing. Inbound marketing was created as a solution to fill the needs of the times. Traditionally, the only way to reach your customer base was to put advertisements on the radio, television, magazines, or newspapers and cross your fingers that customers would find their way to your product/service. In contrast, inbound marketing evolved from the technology that is available to the everyday person. It is quicker, faster, and a more reliable type of marketing that ensures that the customer base you are trying to reach gets your message. It even gives the customer a voice to give the marketer feedback in real time -no matter either parties location. For this assignment I am going to use a fictitious startup bookstore/coffee shop named the “Wind in the Willows” to explain each step.
The first step to inbound marketing the bookstore would be to create a searchable URL, that is not only customer search friendly, but also search engine favored. When it comes to creating the optimal URL, the rule of thumb is the shorter the better (Kolowich 2016). Search engines are more likely to bring your “key words” up quicker, and the customers that you are trying to draw in are more likely to remember or even think of them on their own due to logic. If the “Wind in the Willows” wants to draw customers from Columbus, Ohio (where they are located), then they will want to have their key words be something like, coffee and books, Columbus, OH. This can even be shortened down to just coffee and bookstores near me if the customer is on a smart phone or laptop and using voice recognition. Another great way to have your URL be a stand out is to ask cur...

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...ten, reminding them of why you are a great option to try (HubSpot 2016). The best part of this type of promotion is that for the most part it is free. Your website can also convert them to your brand by linking up to your Facebook or Twitter for occasional promotions and giveaways, something most consumers love. Customer conversions have never been simpler and lower in cost than in this technological age.
Inbound marketing has unlimited potential and has exceeded expectations from most marketers. It would have been unfathomable to be able to reach such mass numbers of people in the 1980’s as it is today. Creating the appropriate image is the main challenge when it comes to inbound marketing and should be handled carefully as recovering from a bad reputation is far harder than to maintain a positive one.

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