Marketing Analysis : Cla Food Market Essay

Marketing Analysis : Cla Food Market Essay

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CLA Food Market is a grocery store that sell produces and dry goods originating in Asian countries. There are food ranging from fresh produce to roasted pig. The cheap price and cleanliness are what attracts customer and it is located at the most convenient place to stop by and pick up grocery.
The aroma of roasted pork and duck quickly filled the market and can be smelled throughout the store as I was shopping. When I entered the store, I smelled it right away and it has a distinctive and strong smell. The second prevalent smell was fish and saltwater as I walked near the area where fish, squid, and shrimp was sold. When I went to the produce area it smelled fresh because there wasn’t any produce that was rotting and the area was kept clean.
The use of space in the food market wasn’t efficient. In the produce area, in the middle of the aisle, there were many boxes holding produce and when a customer with a cart is going down the aisle, no one else could go around and would have to wait until the person moved. Also, the employees would push large carts to restock the shelves, this took up a lot of space and blocked many of the areas to shop. Another use of space is near the entrance where the area to check out is located. While we were waiting in line to checkout, the line was long and blocked the passageway to go to the produce, we kept moving to the side to let customers enter. On the other side of the store is an area used for storage. There were boxes stacked on top of each other and took up half of the store. There would be more room in the produce area to expand and for the check out line to shift over if these items were stored in the back.
The use of time at the food market wasn’t effective. At checkou...

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...haviors because many people in the store didn’t know each other.
The physical appearance of the employees was casual and comfortable; they didn’t have any uniform or dress code to follow. The employees working in the back, preparing the produce, was wearing gloves to be sanitary and wore an apron to keep their clothes from getting dirty. The employees didn’t have a professional look to them, instead, they had a comfortable and everyday look. It was hard to distinguish the employees from the customers, but this made them more approachable because if they had a more professional look it would make them intimidating.
CLA food market is a great place for a variety of produce selection at a cheaper price. The store is kept clean and has an attractive décor. Even though the customer service is average, the freshness and cleanliness of the produce make up for it.

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