Marketing Analysis : Caribou Coffee Essay examples

Marketing Analysis : Caribou Coffee Essay examples

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Caribou coffee is a specialty coffee and espresso retailer. At the end of 2013, packaged coffee sales were at an all-time low category wide and Caribou had closed roughly 80 stores across the nation. According to the Chicago Tribune, Caribou Coffee had to close stores after evaluations showed they would not be meeting their sales expectations. Caribou brought on Exponent PR and Colle+McVoy to find a new marketing approach.
According to the Silver Anvil case summary, Caribou has three main target audiences. The quality conscious audience are women age 25-44 who are married and may have children at home. The quality conscious audience spend more than $58 each month at coffee shops. The morning commuter audience are women and men ages 23-34 and 45-54 who spend more than $45 each month at coffee shops. The treat seeker audience are primarily women ages 25-44 and spend at least $40 per month on coffee. This audience is extremely social both on and offline and already spends a lot of quality time with the brand, whether in retail locations or at home.
According to the Silver Anvil case study, Caribou’s business objective was to drive traffic and sales in retail stores. This objective is not specific or measurable. There is also no time frame for the plan to be executed. Caribou’s communications objective according to the Silver Anvil case study, was to build sustained awareness of and engagement with the Caribou brand, leveraging media relations and social media channels. While it is important to engage and inform customers there are no specific ideas outlined in the objective.
Uncontrolled media occurred when Caribou let fans co-create a new blend of coffee. Fans responded to the question, “what inspires you?” by using Pinterest and...

... middle of paper ... The objective could have been to drive traffic and sales in retail stores by 8 percent by November 12. This is measurable and gives a timeframe. Caribou could have used the research on their morning commuter audience to drive traffic and sales. A breakfast sandwich and coffee discount could have been offered for customers who visit the store between 6 and 8 a.m. on Mondays. Caribou did a great job at having the customers engage with the brand by using social media. This achieved their engagement and social media objective together. For the Breast Cancer Month event they could have invited people who have been effected by breast cancer. The event should have been more personal instead of just famous Instagram users. Caribou is great at playing off seasonal themes but could have developed a slogan that could be used year round to help customers identify the brand.

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