Marketing Analysis : Brand Image Essay

Marketing Analysis : Brand Image Essay

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Branding started during the middle Ages when crafts guilds (similar to labor unions) and merchants’ guilds formed to control the quantities and quality of production. Each producer had to mark his goods so output could be cut back when necessary -meaning poor quality which might reflect unfavorably on other guild products and discourage future trade could be traced back to gutty producer (Bowersox, &Copper, 1992). Early trademarks were also a protection to the buyer, who could then know the source of the product. Recently brands have been used mainly for identification (William D, 2000). Virtually all products introduced today have brand names. Most brand names are also registered as trademarks.

3.2 Discussion

Concept of Brand Image

Brand image, is a symbolic idea created within the minds of people and consists of all the information and expectations associated with a product or service. People engaged in branding seek to develop or support the expectations behind the brand experience, creating the impression that a brand associated with a product or service has certain qualities or characteristics that make it special or unique (Dodds, W. B et al,. 1991). Restaurant image is the reputation of the firm with the various audiences that are important to it. Stakeholders are affected by the actions of the establishment and, in turn, their actions can affect the company. Consequently, its image in the eyes of its stakeholders is important to the company. The principal stakeholders with whom most large corporations must be concerned are: customers, distributors and retailers, financial institutions, the general public, and employees. The image that stakeholders have of the company will influence their willingness to either provide or...

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...opriate sound level, prompt service, differentiated image, cleanliness, cheerful and enchanting, long history, and familiarity. In the real implementation, of course, this would require extensive research into the nature of the brand and its competitive positioning. The image restaurants create in the consumer 's mind and how that restaurant is positioned, are of more importance to its ultimate success. Brand managers usually position their brands so that they are perceived by the consumers to occupy a forte in the marketplace occupied by no other brands. Thus, for marketers, the value of a successful brand lies in its potential to reduce substitutability. That result implies that brand awareness alone may not be enough to achieve high sales volume and perceived quality and that brand image should be carefully managed in cycle to promote good operational performance.

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