Essay about Marketing Activities Of Business Activities

Essay about Marketing Activities Of Business Activities

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First,Ad :

The advertisement one of the most important marketing activities as it seeks to achieve the objectives that achieve the interests of companies, there are lots of companies using advertisement to talk about their products or anything that respect their decisions and in particular to its customers, and the contribution of companies in the broader geographical spread has made advertisement an important part in the life of the business activity and the increase in spending it, where the size of spending varies from company to company is the best , et al., (hair 2005).

There are several definitions of the public and from different points of view and from these definitions:

(Dulaimi 6105 refers) as an activity that leads to the publication or broadcast advertise visual or audio messages to the public for the purpose of urging him to buy a product, or in order to establish good relationships with the public, and there are those who point out that the tool is the most obvious of Communication and Marketing, It is the use of a different type of mass communication such as television, radio, newspapers, paintings, etc. (Vuorio, 2010)

But from the perspective of the researcher: advertising is the effort of the organization to showcase their products through various way of advertising, depends on the product itself.

- Objectives of the advertising:

the company Should determine the objectives taking into account the basis of previous decisions on the target market, and specifically the exact suitable for the public so that it can use these goals to achieve the interests of the company and customers, and these goals : ( Ghoneim, 6118)

Increase the volume of sales, and this is done by stimulating the customers, and depend...

... middle of paper ...

...promotion a planned operation in order to increase demand for the product, within specific time period and a known geographic area, where all activities marketing methods are used as an incentive for encouraging the purchasing decision-making process.

- Sales targets objective:

Characterized by means of sales promotion being successful promotional language has specific and precise goals, and they relate to changes in the company, and these goals:) leeches and Rababa 'a, 2010)

-1 Urged customers and encourage them and motivate them to purchase where they are after the distribution of the samples, and the reduction of selling prices, and the development of a program of meetings with customers, and make the message Aalalnah and the efforts of an exciting and stimulating personal selling.

-2 Distribution distributors and brokers to help, and made this way through the

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