The Market Strategy For Applied Cryogenics Essay

The Market Strategy For Applied Cryogenics Essay

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The definition of the market strategy for Applied Cryogenics is based on concept of "strategic triangle". This is the top-level objectives, regarding which the hierarchy of objectives for the organizational units of the company is aligns.
Primarily corporate goals are aimed at profit making, but Applied Cryogenics is a just launched project, so it is not profitable for stackeholders therefore to change this situation, at this stage, the acceptable objectives are as follows:
- develop and strengthen and protect the brand;
- provide to the consumer a qualitatively new product and service;
- find sources of supply of raw materials and energy;
- maintain the quality of existing assets;
- expand geography of sales within New Zealand.
Applied Cryogenics is a new player in the New-Zealand market and it offers innovative products associated with the use of Cryo-technology for grinding materials, developed by Applied Cryogenics Research&Develop team and based on scientific conception received from abroad. These products weren 't provided on the New Zealand market therefore we will consider these products as being at the very beginning of the product life cycle.
Stage of a new product launching on the market is always unprofitable because of the large initial costs of product development (creation of production base, promotional costs, special price and sales advertising actions, promo for consumers). This stage is characterized by small or even zero sales with a small growth rate. The target audience is not sufficiently aware of the product existence. Gradually the knowledge about the product begins to spread across marketing channels, the knowledg...

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... need to review actions concerning this important segment.
Different users may require a product with certain characteristics and prices so you can divide the market by type of business, for example:
- producers of fruits and vegetables, herbs, spices;
- exporters of horticulture products;
- manufacturers of healthy nutrition and beverages.
The size of the company can influence the procedure and scope of procurement. For mastering certain segment size it is necessary to adapt marketing tactics to the specific conditions. For example, for consumers who perform purchases in large volumes, it is necessary to provide trade discounts. For sale of a product to the large organizations or goverment it is necessary to use personal sales. On organization size it is possible to allocate the following segments:
- government;
- big companies;
- medium companies;
- small companies

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