The Market Strategy For A Marketing Research And Program Essay

The Market Strategy For A Marketing Research And Program Essay

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Bring examples from decisions you have made in the simulation. The market strategy that I chosen in the simulation.I choose the TV ads, radio ad, and news paper ad. The new ads will create traffic announce the new times of the opening of the shop, and as well as the location of the store. The ads on more frequent on TV and on the radio, because the constant reminder of the shop to create additional more traffic and more revenue for the company. Shows are friendly environment and family-orientated to the community and our new customers as well as what are shot looks like and our employees are happy to be working for us. Investing in a marketing research and Program help the company know what direction to go into where are ads need to be sent and it gives us a focus of our customer base.

Understanding your customer base that will have an experience with service customer service and the products that we are selling gives a better model of design the product for the customer base we are serving. these are all different types of customers that the company will serve during the time of existence. We can Romance each customer based on they 're impulsive shopping habits. For the customers who love to bargain shop we offer coupons discount on the ice cream. Those customers for compared shoppers we can show them how are prices are lower than Baskin-Robbins or other ice cream shop. hot pots will branded self consumer-friendly as well as comparative We can go as far as even have an app to show that other prices in the local area are higher than ours. some customers in my shop had a problem with the pricing. But others had a problem with the service being too slow . In order for me to make a profit I couldn ...

... middle of paper ... would impact the business with a bigger diversity of customers we would also have online sales coupons that customers could bring in. We would have an order line where they could actually cut down there wait time For coming into the shop coming in and eating they would pre-order order Or order Their desire flavors of ice-cream. They design their own dessert and ice cream dessert and then it would be ready for them at the time that they would be at the shop No waiting in line. It will be called an Express purchase For ice cream. I 'm looking into all avenues of continuing and increasing revenue for the business. This would greatly increase, customer base as well as ease those customers who say that the service is too slow. Is there conscience of the service that they felt was so inadequate given to them It would improve the customer service Outlook of my Hot pot.

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