Essay on Market Situation With Property And Lack Of Property

Essay on Market Situation With Property And Lack Of Property

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and the opportunities of income, and (3) the casual component is represented under the condition of the commodity or about market (‘class situations’)” (p.138).
Ritizi-Messner et al., (2010) acknowledges that the mode of distribution is according to the law of marginal utility, which not include the non-wealth from competing for high valued goods and give the owners the monopoly of the acquired goods. The mode of distribution monopolizes on the opportunities of profitable deal for those who provided good that are not exchange to them. Therefore, the mode of distribution gives monopoly to the transferring property from the circle of wealth to the capital. Class situtiation is the market situation with property and lack of property as two categories. The two categories that Weber discussed have subdivisions. Ritizi-Messner et al., (2010) acknowledge that ‘property and assets’ and ‘lack of property’ are the two categories that effect the price wares in a competitive struggles and the categories of class situation that differentiate the kind of property that is used for returns and any services in the market.
According to Cox (1950) acknowledges that are “three types of classes : (1) the property class who class situation is determined by differentiation of property holdings, (2) the acquisition class who class situation is determined by its opportunity for the exploitation of services on the market, (3) the social class whose structure is composed of plurality of class situations between which an interchange of individuals on a persona basis is possible…only person who are completely unskilled, without property and dependent employment are in strictly identical class situation.”(p.224). Cox (1950) explains that two of the three c...

... middle of paper ... ideas around class solidarity, gender or ethnic solidity cannot be restricted to any class based allegiances. All in all, Anthias (2001) acknowledges the social categories of gender, race/ethnicity and classes outcomes are both material and symbolic type.
To summarize, despite the minor similarities, the difference between Marx and Weber are striking. The difference between Marx’s views of social stratification is Marx looked at stratification from the classes in different society, especially the bourgeoisie and proletariat. Weber looked at class as while, but focused on social status that brings social stratification to an economic view. Not to mention, both views of social stratification at present day issues such as gender, class, race/ethnicity, and social class. Overall, Weber view of social stratification applies to our world today than Marx’s viewpoint.

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