The Market Shopping For Groceries Essay

The Market Shopping For Groceries Essay

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In today’s economy shopping for groceries requires some investigation to get the best value
for your hard earned money. Although Wal Mart and Publix both offer comparable grocery items
Walmart boasts to be the leader of low prices while Publix truly makes shopping a pleasure with
their superior customer service, quality and freshly prepared products.

One of the most important areas to consider is customer service. The atmosphere of a store
will determine if a customer wants to become a repeat shopper. Publix is well known for superior
customer service while Wal Mart is the almost the opposite. Wal Mart has a negative atmosphere
which seems as if the employees don’t even want to be there much less happy and helpful.
Publix on the other hand has the best training plan which implements first priority on the
customer. Publix employees are trained to not only greet each and every customer, but to
personally take the customer to whatever item they are searching for while Wal Mart employees
often ignore the customer or at the very least offer help begrudgingly. This could be a result from
how the companies treat their employees. Publix is the largest employee owned company in the
United States. Publix rewards employees with stock every year while Wal Mart is a publically
traded company. This makes the employees at Publix want to make their store successful as they
will benefit from it.

Another item to consider between the two stores is the quality of the products being offered.
Part of what makes Publix more inviting is the look of their stores. They have a cool vintage look
that is reminiscent of a time gone by when life was slowed down and people were friendlier. The
stores are smaller because the products ...

... middle of paper ...

...alled Apron’s cooking schools. They
have an employee center stage doing demos several times throughout the day. They cook up a
wonderful quick meal right in front of you. They show you hands on how to prepare and cook it,
the items needed and answer any questions you may have. The best part is they serve it to the
customers so they can try it out and decide if it’s worth cooking. They offer printed recipes that
list the items you need to purchase. It makes meal night an easy way to ty new and different

In conclusion Wal Mart may be a leader in low prices but sometimes you sacrifice quality when
just considering that one factor. Publix may have higher prices but when you factor in the
superior service and the unbeatable quality it truly does make shopping at Publix pleasurable. It
seems logical that Publix is the most profitable grocer in America.

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