The Market Revolution Was One Of The Most Important Changes Essay examples

The Market Revolution Was One Of The Most Important Changes Essay examples

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The Market Revolution was one of the most important changes of American society before 1850. It was the adoption of a nation wide commercial change that would later alter all the different societies within the country. Wilentz described this period as the development of a market based economy and the dramatic changes in America’s behavior during the first half of the nineteenth century. Collectively, Sean Wilentz wrote about how historians argued about the topic of the market revolution and how each part of the country was affected by this time period and the changes that resulted.
Wilentz’s focus is primarily on the development of the northeast. The northeast grew economically at such an alarming rate because of the millions of poor immigrants migrating from Ireland and other parts of Europe. Many historians argue about what was the main focus of economic change in the northeast. One of the points described, the rapid industrialization of the northeastern economy, was due to the immense growth of capitalistic trade that was occurring. Between 1815 and 1850, America constructed elaborate nationwide networks of roads, canals and railroad lines to equitably distribute more land westward. Although a majority of the northeast population still managed to stay in rural areas and work in agriculture, there still was a rapid movement of commercialization. With demand for work on the rise, capitalists worked rapidly to ensure that they kept up with economic growth that was before them, early efforts included the textile mills in New England. This rise in capitalism brought higher quality goods, and the output of raw materials at lower prices, but left thousands of poor underclass workers dependant of the low income based work ...

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...m of investment guarantees that the south will remain an economic backwater. Genovese closes by pointing out that the connection between the south as a region and the slaveholders as a class did not share a liberalism and individualism such as the northern states showed.
The time period of the market revolution was known to have potentially heightened troublesome social conflicts throughout different parts of the states. Individuals of the lower social classes faced many hardships in the changing economic society that was unfolding. Historians have come to the conclusion that Americans experienced enormous structural changes that confronted them yet each class acted upon there struggle in a different way. The market revolution, therefore, changed more than just where people sold their goods; it transformed the approach and the goals people applied to their work.

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