Mark Twain's Use of Realism

Mark Twain's Use of Realism

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Realism has been formed from the root word “real”; depending on how the word is used realism can be sued in many ways. We often use the word realism when analyzing characters or objects in novels, stories, or even in movies. Realism is the mindset a person has in a particular situation at the giving time (for example if it’s snow outside, than, we know to dress for the cold weather because it’s snow outside; we don’t have to come outside to see if it’s cold).Realism can also be referred to realistic or realist meaning that things can be describes from a social, emotional, or a visual view; anything can be realism, realistic, or realist.
Mark Twain uses realism in his stories because they are based on real things that could happen in life. Twain portrays his stories in such a way that all readers can get an understanding of the characters. Twain also gives his reader a visual that makes the reader want to know what will happen next. The reader can easily pick up on Twain’s characters in a social or an emotional view; his work gives the reader a clear vision by putting his work in detail, especially about the character’s emotions. Twains goes into depth with his stories; his narrative skills are great; he narrates in ways that make you think that you are one of the characters in the story. His narrative ways make you feel the character’s emotions.
In Mark Twain story “The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County” Smiley was a character that represented the realist because he had a gambling habit (his gambling habit caused him to be the character that he is); he was a very deceiving character that lives by gambling. Smiley life was a game to him; he would bet on everything (gamble to smiley was normal). Smiley’s attitude about gambling makes him a realist because this was his life in a real-life situation to him. Smiley thought that he would win every bet until the table was turned and someone cheated him.
Henry James “The Real Thing” is the perfect example of realism. Henry’s narrative skills portrayed the characters as if the story was actually happening. He tells the reader the situation of the story as the characters are experiencing the situation. The Real thing is what we see every day (real life). It seems as if the story was based on a true story.

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