Mark Twain : The Greatest Writers Of The 19th Century Essay

Mark Twain : The Greatest Writers Of The 19th Century Essay

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Mark Twain was one of the most famous, and arguably best writers of the 19th Century. This was due to his ability of being able to express thoughts clearly and plainly. His overall character was very sophisticated and caring. Even though; he was a vivacious and spectacular writer, he was very bad at managing the money he received from the books and jobs he worked. In fact, he was about 10,000 dollars in debt after writing only his third book. When Mark was young, he had many misfortunes and that was well reflected into his writing style. Mark Twain lived an extremely secretive and double life! Once he became a writer, he changed his name from Samuel Langhorne Clemens, to Mark Twain also known as his “pen” name. He also decided not to let the misfortunes of the past hold him down, rather he persevered and strived hard to be a great author.
Samuel Langhorne Clemens was born on November 30,1835 in Florida, Missouri. When he was four, his dad John Clemons, his mom Jane Clemons, his five other siblings, and himself moved to the town of Hannibal, Missouri. He lived steadily and happily there until the age of twelve. When he was twelve years old, his dad died of pneumonia and he had to support his family financially. That also meant that Clemens had to quit going to school. When he was finally able to work at the age of 15, he worked at his brother Orion’s newspaper printing press. This newspaper was called “The Hannibal Western Union.”

Then, when he was 21 years old he began to take up the art of piloting steamboats. In 1859 he was a licensed steam boat pilot. Once this happened, it was very simple for him to find jobs navigating the wide Mississippi. In 1861, his steamboat career came to a screeching halt because the Civil War had st...

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...inally, Clemens died on April 21,1910 when he was of the age of 74. He passed due to a heart attack at his country home in Redding, Connecticut. Soon after, he was buried in Elmira, New York where he wrote many of his books.
In conclusion, Mark Twain was one of America’s greatest and most profound writers of the 19th Century! Whether it came to being in the military, writing books, or being a steam boat pilot, Twain always had a good attitude at whatever he was doing. This is one of the reasons he was such a good writer, he always kept preserving no matter what it took. Mark Twain believed strongly in God, but not in Christianity. He saw no benefit in becoming a Christian because he believed all Christians were cruel and mean. Overall, Twain gave us many new ways to articulate things within his literary work and showed us what it truly meant to be a great writer.

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