Essay on Mark Twain and American History

Essay on Mark Twain and American History

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When people think ‘American History’, they usually think about wars and any major events that happened to and within the United States of America. They normally forget about authors that wrote books based on normal every day life and things that some people would take for granted. For example, Slavery was a major issue because people in the South thought it was normal to own slaves and people of the North believed that was wrong. Mark Twain was a famous American author who wrote about Slavery and contributed to American History by offering his own unique writing style to the world. Several of his books became banned from libraries because adults didn’t like the lessons they were teaching their children and the Southern style of speaking.
“They have expelled Huck from their library as ‘Trash suitable only for the slums’. That will sell 25,000 copies for sure” (Mark Twain 2). Mark Twain wrote many books that later became Challenged (a personal letter written to libraries to have a book removed) or banned from libraries across America. His books were removed because parents thought that they were too racist and were teaching their children bad things about our History. “Look at that Huck Finn, reared in racism, like all the white kids in his town. And then, on the river, on the raft with Jim, shucking off that blind ignorance because this runaway slave is the most honest, perceptive, fair-minded man this white boy has ever known. What a book for the children, all the Children” (Hentoff 3). After Mark Twain, no writer could ignore the issue of Slavery.
Twain’s father, seeking better job opportunities, moved his family to Missouri. There, Twain found his inspiration to write about life on the Mississippi. His original name being S...

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...on and kindness to a fugitive slave and helps him escape from his captors. He didn’t care what would happen to him as a result of this decision; he even lured the Slave hunters away from the raft where Jim was hiding. This story encourages us to not judge a book by its cover, or the color of someone’s skin. Huck sure didn’t.

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