Essay on The Marital Decline Perspective And Marital Resilience

Essay on The Marital Decline Perspective And Marital Resilience

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How does the marital decline perspective compare with the marital resilience perspective?
Marriage is the legal or formally recognized union of a man and a woman, or two people or the same sex as partners in a relationship. Marriage rates in the United States have changed drastically since the last 90’s and early 2000 years (Cherlin 2004). Marital decline perspective and marital resilience perspective are the two primary perspectives and which we believe are the results from the decline. The marital decline perspective is the view that the American culture has become increasingly individualistic and preoccupied with personal happiness (Amato, 2004). The change in attitudes has changed the meaning of marriage as a whole, from a formal institution made by public opinion, law, social norms and religion to a more companionate union based on emotional bonds between two individuals. Based on the marital decline perspective there is a decrease in lifelong marriages and an increase in single-parent families. This is believed to be contributed by violence, poverty, delinquency, substance abuse, communities and the erosion of the neighborhood. What we should do about martial resilience is support all families, homosexual parents and single parents instead judging because they are not the perfect family.
The Marital Resiliency perspective sees the rise in marital instability as another chance for individual’s freedom, potential for egalitarian relationship, also as an escape from dysfunction home environments for many children (Amato, 2004). Many marriages in the past were unhappy marriages but because divorces were not socially acceptable, they remained intact. Even though divorcing is not right, it gives you another chance at happiness. I ...

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... being brought up in single home. Although there has been many changed that has effected marriage, these changes do not affect the turning away from marriage (Huston, 2004). Actually. Marriage symbolic significance has remained high and may have improved. Many Americans continue to value marriage, children and family life and would like to get married, as myself. They also believe that marriage is a lifetime terminated unless under extreme circumstances. Young people today go into marriage with the expectation that they will stay marriage to the same person (Thornton, 2001). But American also have become more tolerate of choices that lead to postponing marriage, living together out of wed-lock or to divorce (Melz, 2004). With these different choices it has also made institutions of marriage much more voluntary and less obligatory than they were in previous decades.

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