The Marine Corps And The Corps Essay

The Marine Corps And The Corps Essay

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The Marine Corps Fight to Remain One of Americas Elite Fighting Forces

The United States Marine Corps is known as one of the worlds most elite fighting groups. Marines are looked highly upon by most people in American society. However, The Marine corps has had a rough journey since their birth date on November 10th, 1775. While the American people felt and still feel that the Marine Corps are vital in our military. Though the Marine Corps was formed originally for amphibious warfare they have proven themselves powerful “in every clime and place”. Some however feel the United States should integrate the Marine Corps into the United States Army believing that both are performing the same tasks and that having another branch is just causing the defense budget to be stretched out amongst all branches. This is one of the reasons the Marine Corps has been disbanded in the past along with peace time movements were the United States Navy was also disbanded. Even with the Marine Corps’ struggle to remain one of Americas elite fighting forces the people have always rallied behind them to keep them afloat.
New providence, the Marine corps first amphibious landing. This was the first time the Marine Corps was given a chance to prove that they were a strong fighting force in Americas military. They were attached to a Navy fleet and ordered to obtain gunpowder needed for Washington’s Army. Upon arrival, Hopkins issued and warning stating that if the British surrendered their gunpowder and arms then he would not harm the people or private property of the town. The British used their allowed time to sneak out the majority of their gunpowder and leave the fort. Hopkins marched his men to Fort Nassau and found it had been deserted. He and his 234...

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...he Marine Corps has faced many challenges in keeping their name in the branches of the Military. Even today the Marine Corps is on a fine line when it comes time to determine budgets for the military. Some people argue that the Marine Corps is the same as the Army when it comes to their operations. The biggest flaw in this argument is that the Marine Corps excels in amphibious warfare and that’s not all. The Marine Corps has one of the toughest training programs in the world. This is proven in their motto that every Marine is a rifleman. The Marine Corps also excels in the air proving they can operate anytime and anywhere. When the Marine Corps is under fire they always return to their roots in amphibious warfare. The people want the Marines and will always stand behind them and it is safe to say that the Marine Corps is here to stay and remain the few and the proud.

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