Marine Chemistry As A Balance

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Marine Chemistry: Think of marine chemistry as a balance. Both sides of the balance need just the right weight to maintain equilibrium. Now imagine the weights on each side of the balance are variables such as nutrients and that the balance itself is the ocean. If there is too much of one nutrient, the balance tips too far one way, therefore causing the chemistry of the ocean to be thrown off. The chemistry of the ocean is what drives its overall function. If there is too much of one thing or too little of another, the ocean ceases to function properly. One major factor that tips the oceans chemical balance is human activity. The influence of human activity concerning marine chemistry has numerous negative effects on the marine environment. Perhaps the biggest is coast line construction. Chemicals used at the construction sites such as fertilizers, make there way into the oceans. It is often the case that the new communities constructed deposit their sewage and other waste directly into the water. These chemicals pump the ocean with large amounts of nitrogen and carbonic acid as well as other harmful chemicals. Through this process of Eutrophication, the chemistry of the ocean becomes alarmed and has life devastating consequences such as algae blooms. Algae blooms in turn are responsible for causing ocean temperatures to rise and wiping out ecosystems. Just as tourism and development, oil and gas extraction harms the environment in a similar way. To begin, it is a well known fact that ocean drilling causes pollution and often results in oil spills. When these drilling sites are up and running they release harmful chemicals such as sulfur dioxide and mercury, into the air and water. These chemicals are toxic to marine life ... ... middle of paper ... ...our world’s oceans. There are many simple steps to achieve this that the world needs to be more conscious of. For example, littering, no matter wherein the world will always lead back to the ocean. Remember littering concerns more than just trash, it includes runoff chemicals and wastes. As a society we need to manage what we consume and prevent it from reaching the oceans. This can be done by recycling or throwing away trash, beach clean ups, and simply managing our waste and where it’s going. Along with this, marine life can be protected simply respecting the ocean and not giving into greed. For example, fishing industries devastate populations and have even lead to extinction of certain species. If the world want’s this industry and food source to stay around there needs to be strictly enforced regulations concerning when and how much fisherman can take in.
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