Marine Biologist : The Environment And How We Can Stop Pollution Essay

Marine Biologist : The Environment And How We Can Stop Pollution Essay

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Marine Biologist
Maine biology is a very important job because the ocean covers 71% of the earth and humans need to learn about the environment and how we can stop pollution (Julie Haydon). Marine biologist specializes in various parts of the ecosystem (William Thomas). Marine biologist also can train mammals.
Marine biologist study all living things in the ocean examples of some things they study are bacteria, fish, whales, sharks, dolphins, and plants (William Thomas). Marine biologist dive to collect and do research on organisms (William Thomas). After the data has been collected marine biologist write reports of the data they collected (William Thomas). Organization is an excellent key to have when being a marine biologist (William Thomas). Marine biology is very important in the world. Oceans cover 71% of the world, it 's very important to learn about the ecosystems, along with organisms that are in the ocean. (Julie Haydon). Conservation is a very important skill to have being a marine biologist (Julie Haydon). Marine biologist carefully observes the object they are doing research on whether it is microscopic to macroscopic organisms (Julie Haydon). Marine biologist discovers how humans affect marine life (Julie Haydon). Marine biologist teaches at high schools, colleges, or being a research scientist ( Marine biologist also can field into oceanography laboratory technician and many more positions (
To become a marine biologist and become a dolphin trainer a marine biologist needs a bachelor 's degree in an animal related field (Felicia Greene).
The courses a marine biologist is required are animal physiology, marine mammalogy, oceanography an animal behavior (Felicia Greene). Marine biologist will...

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...o abolish pollution ( Molecular biology is very helpful to find diseases caused by microorganisms or identifying microorganisms ( Marine biologist could work with these amazing animals at zoos, aquariums, rescue centers, research institutes, and on the beautiful ocean (Job Monkey).
Marine biologist may not all have the same area of field, but will always share the love for aquatic life. Marine biologist will be interested in discovering new things such as organisms nobody else has discovered yet. Dolphin trainers will be very close to the mammal they are training and may have close bonds with the people they work with. Not only will marine biologist teach biologist be incredible scientist it will help form close bonds, help public speaking, discover the undiscovered, most of all it will allow trainers to meet new people and see new things.

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