Essay on Marilyn Monroe Without Her Beauty

Essay on Marilyn Monroe Without Her Beauty

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Who is Marilyn Monroe without her Beauty
Marilyn Monroe is a common household name during the 1950’s-1960’s. This actress and singer has a reputation from her adoring fans as an iconic sex symbol. Her beauty and innocent smile will remain known for generations to come. Although Monroe’s life appears to be glamorous, her childhood and Hollywood career were unstable and uncertain. Monroe is faced with many challenging obstacles in her life. Monroe’s story expands over so much more than just a pretty face. Marilyn Monroe’s childhood and Hollywood career are uncertain, unstable, and filled with controversy; however, she spends her life searching for love and admiration, when she does not accomplish that in life, she accomplishes it with her death.
Marilyn’s need for love and admiration grows increasingly strong every time she is placed in a different home, the inconsistences causes her childhood to be unstable and filled with uncertainty. Marilyn Monroe was born as Norma Jean Mortenson on June 1, 1926 at 9:30am. Her place of birth was Los Angeles, California. Her mother is Gladys Pearl Monroe and her father is listed as Edward Mortenson. It has been noted that Marilyn believed that Edward was not her father, however there in no conclusive evidence to verify. She believed her father may have been Charles based on a photograph she was shown (Marilyn Monroe 1). Marilyn’s childhood is extremely unstable and challenging. Her mother Gladys suffers from severe psychiatric issues, which ultimately lands her in a mental institution. Gladys is not the only family member to suffer from mental illnesses. Marilyn’s great grandfather and grandmother do as well. Her grandmother, Della Mae Monroe Grainger ever attempts to smoother Marilyn when she is...

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...they are not memorable (Leaming 156-158). In 1953 Monroe is cast as an unfaithful wife, Rose Loomis in Niagara this is the film that made her a star. The film Niagara contains sexual content that is being campaigned against. The movie contains topics such as impotence, adultery, honeymooners and Monroe sexually singing a song called Kiss. This causes slight uproar with critics from the right-wing Daughters of the American Revolution (Woog 8). Fox however still releases the film but delays the release of the song Kiss. In 1952, Monroe stars in Gentlemen Prefer Blondes co-starring with Jane Russell. Monroe’s first comedy. How to Marry a Millionaire follows next as a huge box office hit. A plethora of box office hits follows such as: The Seven Year Itch, River of no Return, There’s no Business like Show Business, Paris Match, The Prince & The Showgirl, and many others.

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