Essay about Marilyn Monroe Influences

Essay about Marilyn Monroe Influences

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“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it's better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.” (Marilyn Monroe).
Marilyn Monroe during her lifetime was between 120 to 150 pounds and a size 12 in the 60’s. Other Actresses like Audrey Hepburn, Grace Kelly and Barbara Stanwyck were between 103 to 118 pounds causing people to consider Marilyn as a plus size woman. When Marilyn was first trying to become famous, she was told that she was overweight but in a beautiful way. Marilyn Monroe continues to influence people with fashion, body size and women's rights.
Growing up Marilyn Monroe had a very difficult childhood. First, Marilyn Monroe did not have a home to go home too so she spent most of her childhood in foster homes and orphanages. Marilyn’s father had been absent her whole life. When Marilyn was a small child her mother was also absent due to a mental illness which was paranoid schizophrenic. Which left Marilyn alone with no other family members. {} Also, Marilyn dropped out of high school so she had very little education.{}Marilyn Monroe dropped out of high school to get married to her boyfriend at the age of 16. She got married at that age so she could get out of the foster system because she was abused in her foster home.The marriage only lasted 4 year and at the end of their marriage she started her modeling career.To begin, Marilyn’s family had been in and out of her life. Her mother had been mentally sick so she was not able to provide care for her daughter. Marilyn’s father had never been in her life. When Marilyn was 7 her mother was able to get her back. Sadly, a few months later she had to return to foster home. {} Marilyn had ...

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...e showed people that you didn’t have to be to be able to get a guy. She also said that women’s jobs were not to be in the house all the time. Marilyn Monroe wasn’t just a pretty face but a inspiration to others.
Marilyn monroe was a very big inspiration to women. Her influence to women really changed the world. Women don’t stay home now and watch the house. Now more women are out working instead of staying home to be a housewife. For example even though Hillary Clinton didn’t win the election she still ran for president. Her influence on hollywood today, from sassy appearance to her tragic overdose, has served as a warning to many actress in the business. Also, there are way more curvy actress and models than there were in 1960 . Marilyn was believed to invent the bombshell look. Her image was considered offensive and repulsive now has become an icon of femininity.

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