Marilyn Monroe : A Tragic Accident Or A Vicious Crime Essay

Marilyn Monroe : A Tragic Accident Or A Vicious Crime Essay

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Marilyn Monroe:
A Tragic Accident or a Vicious Crime

Marilyn Monroe was an icon and the true definition of a star. She rose to fame quickly and sparkled on the screen, but her life had burned out far too quickly. At the young age of 36 on August 6th, 1962 Monroe was found lying dead on her bed. Her death was labeled a suicide by drug poisoning. I didn’t really take a second look at this cause of death because it is no secret that the star had prior struggles with drugs before. In fact, she had overdosed four times before her death in 62. However, when I stumbled across an article in the New York Post I second guessed her given cause of death. The article stated:
Shortly before her death, she sent a surprisingly upbeat letter to Strasberg. “My attorneys and I are planning to set up an independent production company,” Monroe wrote, just a few days before her death. “As far as I 'm concerned, the happiest time of my life is now. There is a future and I can 't wait to get to it.”
Why would someone so excited for the future kill themselves? It didn’t make sense to me I began reading more about the day of Monroe’s passing and more things began to seem odd to me. First: Robert Kennedy was with Monroe on the day she died, yet was never questioned; second: that her house keeper, Eunice Murray, kept changing stories of what had happened; and third: that the autopsy did not coincide with her cause of death. Now while no one can be sure of what actually happened to Monroe, I am sure of one thing: that her death was not a suicide.
The first thing that caught my eye when reading about suspicions of who could’ve killed Monroe was what I read about the Kennedy brothers. Before the infamous birthday surprise Marilyn Monroe delivered to the pr...

... middle of paper ...

...p to protect Murray, Greenson, and the Kennedys.
How and why Marilyn Monroe died is a question that is difficult to answer, but what I’m sure of is that it was not suicide. Any hard evidence to support one way or the other has been destroyed. For me though, that is evidence enough. If someone went through enough lengths to destroy something that could swing the vote speaks volumes. I believe that the Kennedys plotted with Murray and Greenson to take Monroe’s life to protect their careers. Hopefully one day we will be able to know exactly what occurred that day, but until then we are left with the mystery. Perhaps that is why Monroe has remained a star, even after her passing. The public never really understood who she was and the chance for her to speak for herself is gone. What is certain is that she will remain a prominent figure in pop culture for years to come.

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