Marilyn Hacker 's Villanelle, Villanelle And Edna St. Vincent Millay 's Sonnet

Marilyn Hacker 's Villanelle, Villanelle And Edna St. Vincent Millay 's Sonnet

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Time Doesn’t Heal, Your Decisions Do
Time is a precious thing that, once lost, can’t be brought back. It isn’t like any object whose value is defined, because time has no price to it; it’s cherished by the memories one created with their loved ones. Although one may not always have the best memories, since life isn’t always black and white, but can use them to grow as a person by learning from their mistakes. Memories are just like the sweet bitterness left after a heartbreak. One can either take those experiences in time and further cherish them, or can live in resentment by blaming others for what had happened. In the end, it’s up to the reader to choose the path they want to keep walking on, because time alone can’t make them feel better. Its ones decision of moving on with time and finding a new reason to live that will help them rebuild their selves. Marilyn Hacker’s villanelle “Villanelle” and Edna St. Vincent Millay’s sonnet “Time Does Not Bring Relief: You All Have Lied” demonstrate the contrast between how the path that one chooses will either bring them peace over time or will turn them into an emotionally detached person from society. Millay and Hacker’s use of literary devices such as repetition, personification and mood, illustrates the contrast between two cases of separation between lovers over a period of time.

Marilyn Hacker’s villanelle “Villanelle” and Vincent Millay’s sonnet “Time Does Not Bring Relief: You All Have Lied” illustrate the contrast of time found in both poems with the use of repetitions. Both these authors use repetition to emphasize the fact that even after a long time; a person doesn’t become cold-hearted because of a heartbreak, since everyone deals with this kind of situation differently. ...

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...n if the past is etched in your mind, time goes on. Time will not stop because of a broken relationship and neither should anyone.

During hardships, one should remember the words of Leonardo da Vinci, “Time stays long enough for anyone who will use it.” As demonstrated in Marilyn Hacker’s villanelle, “Villanelle”, separation and celebration are all part of the cycle of relationships. As a lover leaves one shouldn’t dwell upon their mistakes and become bitter, however use that time wisely to improve their selves because lost time cannot be brought back. Nevertheless, if one decides to reside in their past as seen in Millay’s sonnet, “Time Does Not Bring Relief: You All Have lied” one will never find true happiness by reminiscing it. Time may be the present and the future, nonetheless wasting it by living in the past will cost a lifetime since time cannot be bought.

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