Marijuana: The Only Natural Medicine for Multiple-Sclerosis Essay

Marijuana: The Only Natural Medicine for Multiple-Sclerosis Essay

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Multiple sclerosis affects more than 2 million people worldwide; it attacks the nervous system and is an extremely unpredictable and chronic disease. Due to the unpredictability, there is no cure for this illness that causes life-altering symptoms such as: tremors, fatigue, lack of coordination and slurred speech. Although cures are not yet in our sights, symptom suppressants that improve a patient’s life style are highly attainable. Of these attainable suppressants, only one is almost completely without side effects, natural and above all, illegal. The use of marijuana to suppress symptoms for diseases such as multiple sclerosis should be legalized and made available to patients at the doctor’s discretion.
Westernized medicine has conditioned our society to believe that there is no benefit to marijuana because it kills your brain cells just like it did to monkeys in one of their studies. According to ‘The Union: The Business behind Getting High,’ the study that this statement was based off of was incorrect. During the Reagan administration, there was a study that looked at the correlation between smoking marijuana and brain damage. The study took monkeys and gave them the equivalent of thirty joints a day, after roughly ninety days, the monkeys died. After they were dead, the scientists compared the brains of monkeys that had been subjected to marijuana vs. monkeys that have not been, their findings suggested that the use of marijuana kills your brain cells. For approximately six years, this study was accepted as truth without looking into how it was conducted. After this time, the details of this study were revealed due to numerous requests. After closer observation, scientists found that the monkeys were actually fitted to ...

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