Marijuana Should Be Legalized For Medical Purposes Essay

Marijuana Should Be Legalized For Medical Purposes Essay

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The history of marijuana as a harmful drug has been dominant for so long that many people have had trouble accepting its medicinal effects. Marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes. Legalizing medical marijuana would benefit millions of people throughout the country. If it is properly controlled and regulated, this prior illegal substance can become one of America 's most helpful medications. Not only will it help in medically wise, but it can also help with our government control. Through countless amounts of research and personal understanding, it has proved evident that marijuana should be legalized for medical purposes.
The benefits of medical marijuana far outweigh the risks and have less side effects. The properties in marijuana can relieve pain related with illnesses. “There is strong evidence that marijuana controls some forms of pain, alleviates nausea and vomiting in patients undergoing chemotherapy, is helpful in cachexia (loss of appetite and weight) in AIDS patients, and helps multiple sclerosis associated muscle spasms” (Templer). Peer-reviewed evidence-based studies have proven that cannabis can be beneficial to patients suffering from illnesses such as AIDS, cancer, muscle spasms and many other serious terminal conditions. “Findings indicated that medical cannabis users use and perceive cannabis to be beneficial for multiple conditions, some for which cannabis is not specifically prescribed or allowed at the state level” (Bonn-Miller). Being able to have marijuana legalized for medical purposes is important for those in need of medication for serious illness. For some, medical marijuana can be the only substance that can help their suffering so they can live happier, and more fulfilling lives.

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... many people believe that it should be legal for medical purposes. “Already, significant advances have been made in managing chronic pain, cancer, glaucoma, head injury, inflammatory disorders, and nausea, to mention a few” (Konopka). Marijuana can help reduce side effects, lightening pain, reducing nausea, and stimulating the appetite. If legalized for medical purposes, marijuana can help so many people with illnesses. “Some patients who use medical cannabis (MC) use it as a preferred alternative to alcohol, prescription drugs, and illegal substances to help and treat their medical conditions” (Pearce). Medical marijuana is a much preferred medication than any other traditional drug. Patients see that they get better results and that it is more functioning. Medical marijuana is less toxic and more effective than many of the drugs that physicians prescribe every day.

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