Essay about Marijuana Legalization Why is it the Best Choice for America?

Essay about Marijuana Legalization Why is it the Best Choice for America?

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Marijuana Legalization
Why is it the Best Choice for America?
Marijuana, the most abused drug in America, has had a lot of publicity recently. Marijuana has caused multiple economic problems within the U.S. A controversial question has arisen from the increased popularity and troubles of this drug. The question is whether or not the U.S. government should legalize marijuana possession and sale in the country. Many Americans believe that the drug should be legalized for various reasons; others, however, are against the legalization of the dangerous drug. While legalization has both pros and cons, the positives of legalizing marijuana for those people over the age of twenty-one far outweigh the negative aspects of legalization.
Marijuana is an emergent problem in the United States; the main reasons behind this problem are the extensive use of the drug and the federal government’s determination to put an end to the drug’s illegal sale and use. The government’s efforts to stop the use of marijuana inside the country have been ineffective and actually caused the problem to increase. Its efforts have only added on to an enormous national debt. Jeffrey Miron, a professor of Economics at the University of Harvard, estimates that the total expenditures of enforcing the ban of marijuana of local, state, and federal government combined to be 7.7 billion dollars in 2003. The U.S. government simply cannot afford these extra expenditures while struggling economically. The fact that the government is spending so much money in its attempts to stop the use of marijuana has actually helped to create another problem. Overcrowding in U.S. prisons is also on the increase; marijuana laws are a driving force behind the overcrowding. Eric Schlosser, ...

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