Marijuana Laws And Regulations On The Possession And Sale Of Marijuana Essay

Marijuana Laws And Regulations On The Possession And Sale Of Marijuana Essay

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Each country has their own laws and regulations on the possession and sale of marijuana. This all started in 1937 because of the cannabis prohibition. For centuries people have been unable to decide if marijuana is bad or good. Throughout history, when things go wrong, people need to have something to blame and at the time that thing was marijuana. People and the government became scared of it, so they started making regulations and laws against it. It was considered to be a dangerous drug for at least one-hundred years, and has not been allowed in the US for quite some time; at least until the last fifteen years or so.
Marijuana, sometimes called pot, cannabis, weed, hemp, bud, and Mary Jane come from the plant cannabis sativa. You take the shredded leaves and also flowers from the plant to get cannabis. It can be smoked out of joints, blunts, pipes, or water pipes. The dominant psychoactive chemical in weed is delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol otherwise known as THC. TCH is found in the resin which comes mostly from the leaves and buds of female cannabis plants.
There has been a back and forth battle over marijuana for over a hundred years. It became well known of around 1619; this was when King James began ordering pilgrims to grow one hundred plants for money. So they grew hemp; which is the cannabis plant itself and also its products; such as oil, fiber, and seeds. Even George Washington grew it. It was mostly used for things like rope and clothing. Later it was even produced for medicine between the 1830-50’s. In the mid 1800’s cannabis was thought to be a “fashionable narcotic.” Soon after it became available for medicinal use pharmaceuticals began being regulated. Certain medicines were thought of to be “poisons” and had to ...

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...eal question is should marijuana be legalized or not? This has been a debate that has been going for centuries. However once you look at the pros and cons; all of the bad side effects are problems that you as your own person would have. So why should the government have the right to tell you what you can or cannot do to yourself? Yes it can cause you to be impaired; but so does alcohol; which is not illegal. So put an age limit on it and have penalties for people that drive while doing it. All of the other side effects don’t hurt anyone but yourself and it should be your decision to do. Legalizing it would make it safer. It would also bring a lot of money to the government and lower the crime rates, a lot. So as far as the government goes, it would be smart for them to legalize it, and everyone should have the right to decide what does or does not go into their body.

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