Marijuana Is The Dried Up Leaves That Come From A Cannabis Plant? Essay examples

Marijuana Is The Dried Up Leaves That Come From A Cannabis Plant? Essay examples

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Cannabis, also referred to as “marijuana” are the dried up leaves that come from a cannabis plant. The color of this drug can vary from green, grey, brown, ect. (usually darker shades in color). Marijuana contains delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) which is the chemical that is responsible for most of the effects that one goes through after using this drug. The moment one intakes this drug the THC goes directly into one’s bloodstream. It also targets specific parts of the brain, also known as “cannabinoid” receptors. Those receptors target the parts of the brain in which influence ones memory, pleasure, thinking, sensory, time perception, coordinated movement, and concentration. This then causes a series of cellular reactions that causes an individual to get that “high” feeling after smoking marijuana. The more marijuana that an individual smokes the more red their eyes become. This is an easy sign to figure out that a person is currently “high” or has recently smoked.
What makes all matters worse is that the cannabis used now is much stronger than previous years. Although, many see the use of cannabis harmless it has shown that it has almost the same effect that nicotin does, in the sense that it can become very addictive. Not only can this drug which is considered a “soft drug” be addictive,but it also tends to lead to “hard drugs”. This process is known as The Gateway Theory. This process shows the progression from one bad thing to leads to many others that are much worse. A recent Yale University School of Medicine study revealed that “teenage boys who abused alcohol, cigarettes, and marijuana were 2 to 3 more times more likely to abuse prescription drugs during young adulthood.”
The use of marijuana varies in all age groups,...

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...n’t be the case. Rather than it being so easy to access the people should try and find ways to make it harder to get ahold of or at least inform all who are young, might be using this drug, or are currently using it the damage that it can cause to oneself. Be a hero to those you love.
Marijuana not only affects one mentally and physically, but it makes one smell like a skunk. This scent can very powering and it remains on your clothing even after a couple of hours after having smoked it.
Every individual should do everything in their power to make sure that in whichever state they live in it stays marijuana free. With everyones cooperation the youth can and will be taught about all the reasons why marijuana is not good to do and why it should remain illegal. One should keep in mind that “Marijuana is a drug; and a drug by definition, changes the way the body works.”

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