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Marijuan The Blunt Truth Essay

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Marijuana: The Blunt Truth

Marijuana has many names; pot, weed, Mary Jane, herb, kush, green, dope and many more. As the third most used recreational drug in the United States, behind alcohol and tobacco, marijuana has become a big deal in the United States (Winstock). The use of marijuana is a highly controversial topic throughout the country, but it hasn’t always been. Prior to the 1930s, cannabis was used in daily lives, but not for the reason it is now. Today, politicians and citizens alike go back and forth looking at consequences and benefits to the illicit drug, trying to decide whether or not it should become legal in the United States. A lot of support comes from those that use the drug, as well as those that recognize its benefits. The use of cannabis has been linked to a wide variety of medical benefits. Unclogging the court system and economic incentives are also benefits of legalization. Many of those who are opposed to the drug lack proper knowledge due to misconceptions and fear, which has lead to the war on marijuana. The examination of common misconceptions, and exploring the benefits and consequences of marijuana can show why this drug became illegal, and how different viewpoints of this popular substance are formed.

Since before the 1800s America has been known to grow marijuana. In those early years, cannabis was used for medicinal purposes and could be found on the shelves of pharmacies and drug stores alike. In 1850 cannabis is added to The U.S. Pharmacopoeia, making it officially a medicine (The Culture High). SOME OTHER MEDICINAL SHIT As well as medical use, the plant was used to make hemp fibers, which are the strongest natural fibers in the world, as well as pulp for making paper (The Union). SOME OTHER...

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...t year (Wegman). The government is so determined on arresting people for marijuana, unrealistic sentences are given for minimal offenses. In 2010 Patricia Spottedcrow was sentenced to 12 years in prison for selling $31 worth of marijuana to an undercover officer, and possessing an illegal substance in the presence of a minor (The Culture High). After a huge petition and grassroots movement, Patritia was released on parole after only 2 year behind bars. TRANSITION By legalizing marijuana, the government could save the billions of dollars that are put into enforcing marijuana laws and put that money into something more useful such as education, like the state of Colorado is doing.

There are amazing benefits to marijuana both medicinally and economically. Due to its wide variety of benefits, no wonder almost half the states have legalized medical marijuana.

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