Marie Winn on 'Television Addiction' Essay

Marie Winn on 'Television Addiction' Essay

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Studies show that, today television has become an important part of our family households and almost another ‘member of the family’ (Gunter & Svennevig 4). Television has become the common symbolic environment that interacts with most of the things we think and do (Silverstone 148). However all the viewers of television have their own interests as different audiences have different needs. While television is a central dimension of our everyday lives and, its meaning and interpretations vary according to our individual circumstances (Silverstone 1) its addiction is non-productive. According to Silverstone, our inherited institutions like family, household, neighborhoods, community, and nation are more vulnerable to challenges of television and technology (Heath 267). Television has many advantages and disadvantages. However, addiction to television has been the greatest challenges because of its effects to human productivity.
According to scholars, the addiction to television is becoming more and more common worldwide, the more we watch it, the more shortsighted, and narrow-minded we become. Unfortunately, it is fast becoming as popular and dangerous as drugs (Winn 5). According to Winn, those who frequently watch television develop problems with their eyes and back and they may become obese. There is also a lot of time wastage as statistics show that frequent viewers have three or more average hour of daily watching and report their feelings of less productivity after watching. Further observations are that television addicts may become antisocial to themselves, friends, family, and society.
Television should be burned because it makes the viewers to assume the real world and enter into pleasurable, stagnant and passive mentalitie...

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...he excess usage of television leads to addiction and dependency which affects our thinking and both social and cultural aspects of our lives. It denies us chances of contributing fully to the society and fills us with matters and information, which may be wrong and ineffective to us. It brings a lot of confusion and conflict to our society because of its distorted information. Its so-called updated information is situational, based to certain contexts, and may be of less help for us. However, the proponents make it appear reality, manipulates their messages to suit their situations, capture attention of its users and gain attention. So many times the television is not designed to give us the information, which helps us but which suits a certain situation in a confined area and it is not neutral. Therefore, television addiction is non-productive and should be banned.

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