Marie Antoinette And The French Revolution Essay examples

Marie Antoinette And The French Revolution Essay examples

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Ideas suggesting equality between both genders went unappreciated by society during the French Revolution. Marie Antoinette welcomed these ideas by implying individualism. Scholars classified Antoinette as a rude tramp, basing their conclusions off primaries from the frustrated poor folk. These frustrated people had been cheated by their king and his financial advisors, who failed to create solutions to help the country’s ailing economy. The public looked to blame anyone who may have caused the present situation. French societal norms demonstrated this as women had to obey society and their husbands’ orders, who instructed women to only do domestic work. When queen Marie Antoinette defied these normalities and refused to comply with the public’s standards and demands, they disapproved and thought poorly of her. Thus, French society misinterpreted Antoinette’s self-confidence and nonconforming personality for selfishness and inappropriate behavior. Although she lived extravagantly and bought personal pleasures using tax dollars, Antoinette’s bold personality helped her ignore the public’s views of her lavish lifestyle. While the citizens continued to criticize her, Antoinette focused on important tasks at hand involving her trial and the citizens’ needs. Yet, she continued to accept responsibility for France’s ailing government.
Born in 1755 in Vienna, Austria to the Holy Roman Emperor Francis I and empress Maria Theresa, Antoinette’s fate had a predetermined fate. Her influential parents gave her a role of power and importance by marrying Antoinette off to future king Louis XVI at the age of fifteen, who she had never met before. They had a difficult and unhappy marriage, adding to the queen’s list of problems. Her role involved s...

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...mity for self-obsessiveness and inappropriate behavior. By looking at primary sources from peasant’s point of view, one may believe she did misbehave, but by examining her private letters to close family and friends, Antoinette demonstrates true selflessness and pride in her position. In a letter to her mother, her joy when meeting poor villagers exemplifies her true compassion towards the citizens. Her patience and love towards the public, even after they made inappropriate jokes about her demonstrates her self-confidence because she refused to let these remarks bring her down. Her composure during the trial where she faced charges possibly resulting in death also established her self-confident nature. Unfortunately, Antoinette’s still perceived as a rude, self-centered woman because of misinterpretations by the eighteenth century French society and scholars today.

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