Essay on Maria Solano 's Life Of The United States

Essay on Maria Solano 's Life Of The United States

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Living in America it is very common to come across people who have made incredible journeys to be where they are this very day. Some travel day and night on a plane or a boat traveling with very little valuables in hopes of starting a new life, living out the American dream. Some come to America with only the clothes on their backs, traveling through dirty unsanitary conditions to get to the land of the free. These are just some examples of the journeys that people make in order to get to the United States to live a better life. Maria Solano is one of those people that has had an incredible journey to the United States. When she moved to the United States she experienced many difficulties with the many differences in culture. Some of the concepts that applies to Maria was dealing with face, adjusting to monochronic time,
Maria Solano was born in Mexico city, Mexico. She lived in Mexico for 18 years. Maria came from a very large family of 8 siblings, her mother died during childbirth to the youngest sibling when she was 5. Maria said that she was mostly raised by her aunt and uncle who decided to take in some of the siblings to take the load of her father. Her father was always around as were many of older family members who often helped out alot as well. Maria went to school with her not only her siblings but her cousins as well. One of the things that Maria seemed to highlight the most about her childhood was that her family was very close. Meals did not just concluded of only the family members in the house but the cousins aunts and uncles as well. Dinners were typically about 20 people. Maria went to a private school until she reached 18. Through school she learned a small amount of English. It also helped that she lived in...

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In conclusion, Maria has enjoyed her time in the United States. When Maria made the move to the United States she learned many new things. Some were harder to learn than others. Maria says that if she did not have the opportunity to meet her still to this day 's friends from when she first moved that it probably would have made her stay not as enjoyable. Since Maria did not have any family she says that her friends helped her to acclimate the most as well as learning about the little differences that she was not used to. Maria said that the thing that helped her the most when she lost face in conversation was that in some other part of the work the new what she was saying. Reminding herself of this was a way for her to deal with the culture shock. Maria was able to see many of the differences such as the differences in how people would communicate non verbally.

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