Essay on Maria 's Career Is Destructive For Her Mental Health

Essay on Maria 's Career Is Destructive For Her Mental Health

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Moreover, Maria often disassociates herself from her actions and looks at her life in third-person. One example would be when she told Carter about her pregnancy and “and she wondered with distant interest just how long the scene would play” (Didion 50). Besides, Simard argues that Maria’s perspective on her relationship with Kate is unhealthy as well. He says that “Kate is a concept to Maria, a self-object, someone Maria needs to complete herself – even though her affection for her daughter is undoubtedly authentic, if misguided” (Simard Page). One can see how Maria’s narcissistic personality creeps into every facet of her life starting from her career to BZ’s suicide to her relationship with her daughter. She is most likely in the right place to cure herself of her narcissistic personality and turn into a normal, functioning human being.
Maria’s career is destructive for her mental health. She once heard that she was discussed like an object by film students. Moreover, those film students would approach Carter and Maria and stare at Maria (Didion 20). Also, Maria is negatively affected by her first picture Maria. She might like the studio ending of her second feature but it still must have been an unpleasant experience for her to play a character that is gang raped by a motorcycle gang. Furthermore, relationships in Hollywood is twisted and unhealthy. A great example would be the aforementioned actor who had sex with Maria and told her to wake him up with her tongue (Didion 153). That sort of behavior is arguably disgusting and unhealthy. Besides, Maria has already ruined her reputation and made a bad name for herself as someone who does not finish what she started. Additionally, Maria is already 31 and that already dim...

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...r life. She needs to change her social circle and start having positive, healthy relationships. Also, she needs to change her outlook on life and get rid of her narcissistic traits which played a role in every facet of her life. Changing career and coping with traumatic experiences are another steps for her to reclaim her life. Finally, she needs to turn her demise and disaster in her life into opportunities. At the end of the novel, she says “I know what “nothing” means, and keep on playing. Why, BZ would say. Why not, I say” (Didion 214). That shows her changed outlook on life. She understand depression, misery and tragedy. She knows what’s “nothing.” She knows it does not apply but despite that, she keeps on living. Because as she says, “why not?” That shows her optimism, which she says she has lost, but her last words speak louder. She tries to live in the now.

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