Essay about Marginalisation Is Defined As A Social Class

Essay about Marginalisation Is Defined As A Social Class

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Marginalisation is defined as a social process whereby certain groups or individuals are pushed to the outer edge of society, resulting in being unable to fully participate in society and having a lessened about of resources and rights as someone that is not marginalised. This is an ongoing and changing process. For example, an individual or group may have a high social status, but due to social change, they can lose this status and become marginalised (Burton & Kagan, n.d.). Becoming marginalised causes people to fear being a part of mainstream society. Marginalisation can be due to an individual’s social class, race, sexual orientation, disability or something as little as a fashion choice. People mostly discriminate against others due to them taking their belief of a certain stereotype to a level that makes them think that others are not equal to them.

Māori people are often marginalised and stereotyped by other cultures within New Zealand. An example of this marginalisation can be related to the health care system. Māori report that health care is catered mostly towards the dominant culture, and that it is not appropriate or culturally safe, resulting in the people being reluctant to ask for help. (Wilson & Barton, 2012). A reported cause of this marginalisation in the health sector is due to staff insensitivity. These staff are described as disrespectful, judgemental and having bad communication skills (Ministry of Health, 2009).

Being marginalised as a young person massively impacts their future behaviour. Studies show that young people that have experienced discrimination, are more likely to feel isolated, resulting in them becoming more emotionally violent towards other young people who
are not ma...

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...e would be the diverse range of different ethnic food in supermarkets. Relating to the economy, globalisation is the development of businesses or other organisations that help integrate the world into one economic system (Revise Sociology, 2016). Socially, globalisation aims to integrate the world as a whole, which is done through many agents. An example of this may be the use of social media such as Facebook and Instagram, as It is connecting people together from different societies.

Globalisation has resulted in positive and negative impacts on the economy and society. There is an increase in the sharing of cultures food and lifestyles. Globalisation also increases the awareness of global issues such as natural disasters and how to handle them. There are many negative impacts such as the threat of no longer having cultural diversity within society (Cole, 2015).

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