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Margin Call Directed by J.C. Chandor Essays

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Margin Call (2011)
Margin Call is a 2011 film that seeks to give viewers a deeper perspective of the financial crisis that hit the United States in 2008. The film was written and directed by J.C. Chandor. It s depiction of the happenings on Wall Street has been described as the closest to the actual happenings during the financial crisis. In this film, the main characters are faced with a moral challenge and they act according to their personal world views. Personal financial needs are put before the clients needs. The questionable manner in which the characters act put the employees on Wall Street on a cross road. It is a difficult balancing act between protecting oneself and protecting others. The decisions made by characters in this film create an opportunity for people to discuss the balancing act between self preservation and killing the dreams of the masses.
From the beginning, the film is filled with controversial decisions. First, the firm that is depicted in this film decides to lay off most of the employees in the firm leaving only 20% of the workers. However, the firm’s managers do not lay off the workers personally but hire another firm to do this. Without prior warning, the mass layoff takes place in a rather insensitive manner with employees expected to leave immediately. First, the decision by the company to lay off the people without warning is a questionable decision. Though they are offered a severance package, the employees are traumatized by the lay off. Having reported to work just like a normal day, none of the employees expect that they are going to lose their jobs on this particular day. Therefore, it is a surprise when the hired human resource team comes in and explains to the employees that they no long...

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...ce of money at whatever costs. At the end of the day, the managers watch as more people are laid off as the crisis continues.
In conclusion, I disagree with the decisions made by the main characters in this film. Their predicament is tough to say the least, but it does not warrant the decisions they make. They choose to follow a route with the full knowledge of the problems it will cause to other people. The decisions made are motivated purely by money and the need to self preserve and protect. The drive behind the sale of worthless assets is for the company to remain afloat even when clients suffer losses. It is dangerous to make decisions driven by money and selfishness. It leads to guilt as it causes endless pain to other people. Therefore, these characters could have chosen the alternative option of protecting their clients as opposed to protecting themselves.

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